What Face Do You Wear At Work?

Mastering the Poker Face for Career Success – Black Enterprise.

This article from Black Enterprise speaks about how women, namely African American women, can “put their best face forward,” so to speak, in the workplace.

It reminded me of my mother and I – who ALWAYS wear our emotions. In African American culture, that’s not such a bad thing. In child-rearing, it is a well-known fact that “THE LOOK” from a mother can put more fear and trembling into a child than the sting of a father’s hand to the backside. (Sidenote:  I’m still trying to perfect “THE LOOK”!). In social settings, wearing a face of disapproval can silently let someone know they have either stepped on your toes or worked your last “reserve nerve” (in the words of my Aunt Deloris). My husband is a pastor and sometimes during church services, I need to get his attention and with one side-eye, let him know that I did NOT appreciate his using my spending habits as a sermon illustration!

But I digress…back to the article…I agree that showing too much emotion, or too much of the wrong emotion can get you into trouble in the workplace, especially if you are an African American woman. But let’s face it, men AND women of ALL cultures can take some advice on the appropriateness of certain nonverbal cues and their effect on our corporate communication.

Do you struggle with how you present your emotions in the workplace? How do you handle it?



Pearly Blue FOTD

I very rarely post a FOTD (Face of the Day), but I felt inspired. I recently posted my video showing off my amazing makeup prizes from the BeautyThesis contest I won a few weeks ago. In that package was a beautiful Stila “Precious Pearl” palette.

Stila Precious Pearl Palette-cover

Here are the products I used:


Sephora Primer

CoverGirl Natureluxe Liquid Foundation (Brazilnut)

Iman Second to None Semi-Loose Powder (Earth 3)


MAC Brow Pencil (Spiked)

MAC Fluidline gel liner (Blacktrack) – upper lash line

L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes (Blackest Black)

Stila Precious Pearl Palette (Beige-Gold and Deep Blue colors) – inner lid/outer lid

MAC shadows (Saddle, Carbon) – transition/outer corner

Urban Decay 24/7 liner (black) – lower lash line


MAC Blush (Sweet as Cocoa)


MAC Liner (Chestnut)

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss (Nude Lustre) – great dupe for NARS Lipgloss in Giza, by the way

Hope you like the look!

Sometimes all it takes…

Is sitting on the couch with your husband. On difficult days all I want to do is sit on the couch after work and zone out in front of the TV. Sometimes we find a good movie or funny TV show and end up laughing hysterically at the movie, the show, the commercials or even ourselves. Sometimes that’s all it takes to end the day better than it started…

PS: This is the first of what I’m calling “Sometimes all it takes…”: random, short insights when I want to say something but not feeling a long entry. Enjoy!

Fall Makeup Changes

We have finally gotten some chilly weather in NY and I’m so excited – because that means my favorite season is here. It’s Fall y’all!!

But the changes in the weather also mean changes in skincare, makeup and haircare routines. I tend to use a little more moisturizer on my face to prevent dry skin, and use a body cream at night to protect my skin. In terms of makeup, I tend to shy away from the sun-kissed face and opt for muted jewel tones. This year, I’ll probably mix it up a bit. I keep hearing orange lips are going to be in this Fall, but I don’t know if I’m ready to find my perfect shade just yet!

My fave beauty blogger Afrobella has a great interview with makeup artist extraordinaire, Tia Dantzler. She  mentions mixed textures, jewel tones, bolder brows and metallic makeup. I can get with all that.

Share your makeup/skincare tips and tricks with us. What are your makeup plans for Fall?

CurlyGirlTees.com ROCKS!!

I just got the T-shirt I ordered from CurlyGirlTees.com. I LOVE IT!!!! Check it out:


Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette – Junkshow, Omen, Evidence, Blackout, Tainted

Cheeks –  Milani Mai Tai, MAC Loverush (contour) blushes

Lips (all MAC) – Nightmoth (liner), Viva Glam VI Lipstick and Gloss

Learning to Learn

As I sit here on the computer doing various little things I have Sesame Street going on another screen for my daughter, Beverly, to watch.  We’ve listened to Elmo’s “Potty Time” song about 6 times now…every time the next video comes on she says “Potty time again mommy”.  We’re in potty training mode so I suppose I don’t mind so much; I can learn the words so when she sits on the potty we can sing it together.

Potty training has made me think more about learning.  When was the last time you learned something new?  I’m not talking about reading a textbook or learning how to play a card game; I mean learned a whole new basic function like going to the bathroom.  Crawling, eating solids, walking all seemed to have come pretty natural for Beverly.  Lord knows she’s picked up talking very easily!  Potty training is a whole new thing for both of us–I really do have to teach her how to do this  (BTW we’re now on listen number 7).  How do I tell her what it feels like to have to go to the bathroom? I can’t just say “you know when you know”, because she doesn’t know!

Earlier today I drove by an empty parking lot and thought about when I learned how to drive.  My dad took me to an empty lot for our lessons and I’ll likely do the same for Beverly.  Again I started wondering…how will I teach her to drive?  At 34 years old I’ve been driving literally half of my life.  It’s something that I just know how to do at this point.

Amazing how kids make us re-learn how we learned to do basic things we take for granted now.  This is going to be quite a journey for Beverly, me and her dad!

Listen #8…I think I’ve had enough now…