Music Notes: Mr. Fresh and The Sunday Soundtrack Podcast

Sunset over Ibiza, courtesy of

Dad, Hubby…Musician, Recording Studio Owner, Tech lover, Podcaster, Mellowly Cool

So describes Mr. Fresh, Host of The Sunday Soundtrack Podcast, “Your New Millenium Smooth Chill.” Mr. Fresh presents an “alternative listening experience” to most smooth jazz programming, also taking the time to highlight independent artists. I must admit that up until a year or so ago, I have only listened to music via the internet to enjoy music I already knew, using it simply as ‘net radio. However, my introduction to the SSP encouraged me to seek out the unknown as well as the lesser known, both in terms of music genre and artists.

But in order to really put SSP in proper context of my life’s soundtrack, let me take a step back. In terms of chill-out music, or chill, I was not immediately impressed by this genre when it was introduced to me by former smooth jazz station CD-101.9 (WQHT) back in 2004. For nine months, my beloved go-to smooth jazz station turned into a “Chill-Out Station” and I was less than thrilled with the new format. However, being the fair and open-minded music lover that I am, I rediscovered chill music through a few random tunes a few years ago and decided it wasn’t so bad after all.

Fast forward to 2011…Enter The Sunday Soundtrack Podcast…a goldmine of chill, downtempo, smooth jazz, slow groove and mellow music. There are over two years of archived podcasts at Vibes and Scribes, Mr. Fresh’s blog. Each program is filled with 10-12 full-length tracks, sometimes highlighting a particular artist, or just a mix of tunes. Along with the podcast is a corresponding track listing and virtual liner notes for the various artists, a welcome change to many podcasts that are simply mini-internet radio stations. Clearly, Mr. Fresh takes the time to both find the best tracks to highlight, and research facts about each artist, bringing a full-bodied broadcast to his listeners. SSP has become a regular part of my relaxation regimen at home, as well as a nice chill backdrop while working in the office. I even have a download on my iPhone that sometimes keeps me company during the evening drive home from a hectic work day.

In addition to hosting the Sunday Soundtrack Podcast, Mr. Fresh is a talented musician, playing lead, rhythm and bass guitar, as well as keyboard. He is a lover of music, well-versed in funk, jazz, gospel and chill genres, and quite skilled in the art of studio mixing and production. I am anxiously awaiting the official release of What Love Is, a series of tracks produced by Mr. Fresh and his music partner DBassist. Follow them on Facebook at AfterSix Productions for updates on the project and ultimate CD release. And we will definitely be highlighting What Love Is here at This and That With Calandra. In the meantime, head over to Vibes and Scribes and check out Mr. Fresh’s Sunday Soundtrack Podcast. Enjoy…and just chill!


Returning to YouTube!

Man…it has been several months since I did a YouTube video. Today I posted 2 videos…check them out and enjoy!!

This & That This Week: Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins

Photo by Disney Junior

I have reviewed children’s programming on This and That’s YouTube Channel, but this is my first time blogging about one. Now as a disclaimer, I do not work for, nor receive any type of compensation from Disney or any of its subsidiaries. Last week, my children and I saw a commercial for Disney Junior’s new show Doc McStuffins. This morning, we watched the preview episode, leading up to it’s official premiere on Friday March 23, 2012 at 10:00 am/9 c. It will be seen on Disney Junior, a morning lineup of preschool-age appropriate shows hosted on the Disney Channel. And just on a program note, Disney Junior will soon become its own 24-hour channel, right up there with Sprout and Nick, Jr. Unfortunately, you will have to check the website ( to see if your cable/satellite carrier will have this station in your area.

Having said all that, let me introduce you to Disney Junior’s newest resident (no pun intended), Doc McStuffins, a 6-year-old girl who talks to and “fixes” stuffed animals and toys. The other human characters don’t know the toys can walk and talk, so you could think of this as a cross between Dr. Doolittle and Toy Story! There are a host of characters, my favorite being Hallie the Hippopotamus – Doc’s “nurse” (voiced by the talented Emmy-winning actress Loretta Devine). What I love most about the show is that Doc McStuffins is a little African-American girl, adding to the diversity of many of today’s cartoons – a far cry from the cartoons and children’s shows I grew up with. As mother to a girl, it makes me glad to see positive African-American images both in “real life” television, as well as in the animated world. The show emphasizes friendship, teamwork, and compassion for others. Overall, it’s a cute show and one I don’t mind my children watching – no corny or irreverent catch-phrases, no baby talk, or any other of those annoyances found in some children’s programming.

So for those of you who are parents, Godparents, grandparents, aunties and uncles of toddlers, make sure you tune in to Doc McStuffins. I predict it will be well worth your (and your child’s) while.

What are your child’s favorite animated shows?

Urban Decay FOTD – Last Call

Yes, it’s been quite a while since I posted a blog about makeup. I’ve been busy talking about music and other fun things, but I decided to go back to beauty for a minute. First of all, FOTD=Face of the Day, for those of you who are new to the makeup lingo!

So…I’ve been “collecting” Urban Decay palettes for the past year or so. So far, I have the Rollergirl, I ♥ NYC, Naked, 15th Anniversary and Book of Shadows IV palettes. I probably get the most mileage out of the Naked palette, a collection of neutrals that can be toned down for daytime, or glammed up for nighttime wear. I tried hard not to get sucked into the Urban Decay palettes, because a few years ago, I was told by a Sephora employee that UD was for “really young” people, and at first I agreed with her. But after seeing a bunch of YouTube makeup gurus work some fabulous looks for even an “old” 40-something like me, I decided to give them a try. However, I never seemed to find the right color combinations for my traditional looks. So what did I do? Changed some of my traditions! I saw a great tutorial the other day from one of my favorite MUAs (MakeUp Artist), BeatFace Honey, who used a beautiful UD shade from the 15th Anniversary Palette – a beautiful teal called Deep End – and she dampened the brush before applying the color. WOW!! What a difference that technique made on the color payoff. Now this is not a new technique, but I see what a difference it makes on the bold shimmery Urban Decay shades, especially for my skintone. Now I know the trick!

Having said that, I decided to play with another UD color and wore it to church today. Since I was wearing a simple black and white dress, I decided to add a ‘pop of color’ (although I really dislike that overused phrase! lol). If you have any questions about the products or technique, or if you would like to see a video of how I achieved this look, feel free to post a comment. Here are the pictures and products I used. Enjoy!


MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural – Deep

MAC Eyebrow pencil – Spiked

MAC Studio Finish concealer – NW45


MAC Paint Pot – Groundwork (lid primer)

Urban Decay (I ♥ NYC Palette) – Last Call (lid)

Urban Decay (I ♥ NYC Palette) – Uzi (inner corner)

Urban Decay (I ♥ NYC Palette) – Maui Wowie (brow highlight)

L’Oreal HIP Duo – Brazen (dark brown shade as transition color)

Revlon ColorStay™ Liquid Eye Pen – Blackest Black (upper lash line)

L’Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil eyeliner – Carbon Black (lower lash line and waterline)

L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes – Blackest Black


NARS Blush – Albatross (cheek highlight)

Iman Sheer Finish Bronzing Powder – Afterglow


MAC Lipglass – All of My Purple Life (not shown in face shots, but here’s what it looks like… )

The finished face!!

What is “This and That With Calandra” – Your Personal Tour!

I have been publishing This and That With Calandra since January 2010. What started out as a few random posts has turned into what I hope is a fun blog to read and I have enjoyed sharing it with you all! After all this time, I decided to give you an official “tour” of TTWC!

TTWC is “a little bit of this and a little bit of that,” however all the posts are summed up into distinct categories, which you can find on the right sidebar. Here’s what you’ll find:


Another series of posts to be filed under Special Features will be called “Mothers and Daughters.” Jasmine and I are teaming up to co-write a series of posts dedicated to the special relationships between mothers and daughters.  New things are happening at This and That With Calandra, so STAY TUNED!!
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