Independent Artist Spotlight: A Conversation with Jua Howard August 22, 2012

Jua Howard

Here at This and That With Calandra, we are continuing our Independent Music Notes series,  bringing to you a conversation with the talented and charming vocalist Jua Howard.

Determined not to wait for a major label to determine his musical destiny, Jua self-released his debut album Anticipation in October 2007. Jua’s other musical projects include being featured on Contemporary Soul Songbook: Volume I released by Soul Unsigned that fuses neo-soul, jazz and funk, as well as, a soundtrack for the novel, 7:33 a.m. written by Monda Webb; both projects were released in 2009. (artist’s bio)

Click below to hear the interview in its entirety. My sincerest thanks to Jua for sitting down with me and sharing his thoughts with This and That With Calandra. Special thanks to Doug Ramsay of Vibes and Scribes for the initial introduction.

(Listen for a tease of Jua singing the Brandt/Haymes classic, That’s All at the end of the interview!)

Bonus: Click HERE to watch Jua perform a beautiful and moving rendition of Jazzanova’s Little Bird at the Rising Star Concert.

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