Life Without Regrets

no regrets

no regrets (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Regrets, I’ve had a few 
But then again, too few to mention 
I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption 
I planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway 
And more, much more than this, I did it my way

So sang Frank Sinatra in his signature song “My Way.” This was one of my father’s favorite songs, by one of his (and my) favorite singers. And I’d like to believe that these are the lines that defined how Daddy lived. This past Sunday marked seven years since my father passed away and I spent much of the day remembering many of the lessons he taught my sister and me. One of those lessons was to live without regrets. Because of Daddy’s examples, I decided many years ago that I would do my best to not live life with any regrets.

Living without regrets involves making good decisions and sticking to them. Do we always make good decisions? No. Do poor decisions lead to negative consequences that make us wish we had made a better decision in the first place? Yes. Well, isn’t that regret? Yes. However, in my opinion, living without regret is not about never making a mistake. It’s about correcting our mistakes so that we don’t have to be burdened with regrets. Some people are paralyzed with regrets and fail to move on.

None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes, poor choices, and bad decisions. But there’s no need to LIVE with regrets. Let your regrets be temporary and take corrective action to free yourself from living in past missteps and mistakes.

Thanks Daddy!


The Making of a Minthead

U send me swang-in’. Oh you send me swang-in’…

I remember the first time I heard these words back in 1993 – the unmistakable intro to the first single from Mint Condition’s sophomore album, From the Mint Factory. And it was that first song that had me hooked. A new Minthead was born!

When I’m with you, I fall deeper in love. This feeling is the one thing my heart is sure of…

Here is a perfect example of why I am a Minthead – it’s always about lyrics, which usually get my attention first.  Mint Condition has all the elements of music that attract my listening ears – lyrics, arrangements and musicianship. They ARE the “Definition of a Band.” I remember talking with a good friend about Mint Condition back in the day. She was the one who pointed out to me that they were a BAND, something that in the 90’s was pretty hard to come by in R&B (and is STILL hard to come by). Back then I think Mint Condition and Tony! Toni! Toné! were the only newer R&B bands around (aside from already established bands like The Time, Earth, Wind and Fire, etc.). Please…someone feel free to correct me!

Seeing them live last year at BB King’s in New York City was a real turning point for this Minthead. As with any live performance, you hear music very differently than you would “on wax.” But even more so with Mint Condition…WAOW!!! Their live show is AMAZING!! Why? First of all, their energy is off the chain! And because they are a BAND, there were no house musicians, tracks, DJs or any other external accoutrements – it was just THE BAND and their instruments. This clip, posted by a fellow YouTuber, is from that same BB King’s show and is a perfect example of Mint’s musical versatility. Listen and watch for yourself!