This and That This Week: Pampered Joy

529403_560659263965296_23743744_nFelicia Thomas is a Brooklyn, New York-based makeup artist with a passion for beauty. Her company, Pampered Joy,, specializes in “naturally handmade body products to rejuvenate and replenish your skin.”

Her products include handmade whipped body and hair butters, foot and body sugar srubs, body massage oils and bath salts in a variety of exotic scents, such as Lavender with Lemongrass, Fresh Mango, Peppermint with Eucalyptus, Coconut Litsea and Vanilla with Sandalwood and Frankincense. Pictured below are her whipped body butter and sugar scrub.

Whipped Body Butter, Body Sugar Scrub

Whipped Body Butter, Body Sugar Scrub

I finally got to purchase two of her products, the Whipped Shea Butter and Body Sugar Scrub, both in Coconut Lavender. I have used whipped shea butter in the past, but never of this kind of consistency. Imagine a product just slightly denser than whipped cream, and a tad lighter than fluffy cake frosting. This body butter is MAGIC! The scent is just strong enough without being overpowering, and the consistency is to die for! I use it SPARINGLY – as if it were a pot of gold that I want to keep forever. By the way, her prices are very reasonable; each jar was only $10. The essential oils added to the butter leave a nice sheen that melts onto your skin, leaving a dewy, not greasy glow. And the scent…my my my!!!

I usually use sugar scrubs sparingly, but this one is SO natural, I think it’s just sugar and essential oil! It’s gentle enough to use daily. It does a wonderful job exfoliating the skin, using natural abrasion and leaving your skin feeling smooth and not stripped. Again, the essential oils provide the luscious scent as well as lock in moisture.

As in past product reviews, there is usually something that stands out OTHER than the products themselves. Pampered Joy is often found participating in community programs. Below is a photo of Pampered Joy products on display at a local church event. She recently joined forces with a Brooklyn elementary school teacher who sponsored a day of pampering and trip to the American Girl store in New York City for 27 young girls. (Read about the event here)

PamperedJoyDisplayI wish Felicia much success in her venture. Pampered Joy will continue to grow and thrive as it continues to provide natural products made not just by hand, but with love!


AudioMo Challenge

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A few days ago, I learned of a 30-day audio challenge sponsored by AudioMo. Two of my friends, Mr. Fresh and Ray Garraud mentioned it and are participating, so I thought I’d try my hand at it. A few months ago, I toyed with the idea of doing periodic podcasts, since sometimes it’s quicker for me to speak than write. I thought this challenge might help me get my feet wet. Yes, I know I’m a few days late (the challenge started on July 1). Well, here goes…

UPDATE – July 8, 2013 – I’ve decided to provide links to all AudioMo challenge podcasts on this page. Click  below for each episode, starting with Day 4…

AudioMo #7: Celebrate!

Mr. Ronald Gibbs, 60 years young!

Mr. Ronald Gibbs, 60 years young!

Today’s AudioMo topic is Celebrate! Today we celebrated our church musician’s 60th birthday with a beautiful soirée after church – and he planned it all! Sometimes you have to be good to YOURSELF. Happy birthday Bro. Gibbs!!

Listen in…Background music is I:Cube’s Adore.

AudioMo #6: Releasing Your Inner Child

Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me 2 (Photo credit: paul.hadsall)

Here’s Day 6 of the AudioMo Challenge – After seeing “Despicable Me 2” today with the family, I thought about how healthy it is to release your inner child and take time to laugh with your children. This summer, make sure you let your inner child out to play – just make sure you have him/her back in the house before the street lamps come on! Enjoy todays podcast below. Background music is Wayne Brady’s “Reading Can Be Fun” from the release Radio Wayne.