When Reality TV Gets Too Real

I do not watch reality television. Once upon a time, I was a great follower of The Real World and for a while I did indulge in The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but the drama of it all got on my nerves. The shows became contrived, scripted and melodramatic. In between, I also loosely followed reality television shows with real celebrities, like The Family Crewes, Tia and Tamera, and Run’s House. I found it mildly interesting to see what these celebrities were like in real life. Mildly!

A friend recently asked if I watched R & B Divas: LA. After sucking my teeth and wrinkling my nose in disgust, he told me it was a really good show and not full of petty drama. Well that was several weeks ago, and from what I’ve been seeing in Twitter and Facebook feeds, it seems the tide has turned. Another friend posted a comment on Facebook about the show and others chimed in about the seemingly out-of-character shenanigans of diva Kelly Price. What I found interesting was one commenter, who basically said that some celebs should stay away from reality television because it may actually taint the view fans have always had of them. Kelly Price had been to many an R & B sweetheart. But this show has shown a catty and unflattering side of her personality, which may or may not be a true reflection of her real self.

So it got me to thinking…it seems celebs who join these shows are usually less-than-A-list, or have faded star status. This is supposed to be their chance to get back in the spotlight. But it seems, as in Ms. Price’s case, they are doing more damage than good. I like the old days of celebrity – the mystery of their real lives only came out in their post-career memoirs. I guess I just focus on the talent…I don’t need to see the drama. LOL What I find more interesting is watching people become so engaged each week – whether glued in front of the TV or setting the DVR – followed by spirited discussions on social media. Now THAT’S entertainment! 🙂