Music Notes: A Conversation With AfterSix Productions


It was my honor to have the opportunity to sit down with Dan McCollum and Doug Ramsay, who together make up AfterSix Productions. On August 9, 2013, they released their debut single, Chamorrita, which is the first single off their soon-to-be released project What Love Is. Listen to my conversation with these two amazing musicians…and enjoy!

Here are the links for “Chamorrita”:

iTunes –

Amazon –

Bandcamp –

Google Play –

Rdio –

Shazam –

Spotify –

AfterSix Productions can be found online at the following:

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The Measurement of Success

success-concept-25634671What is success? A few weeks ago, I created a podcast entitled, “The Subject of Success.” In it, I discussed the fact that although success is subjective, it can be made more objective by actually measuring success. In order to determine how you measure success, one must first define the metrics to be used. So for example, I might determine success to mean having an awesome blog. That’s subjective. How will I determine if my blog is ‘awesome?’ Maybe ‘awesome’ means following the metrics of readership, number of comments, number or frequency of posts. Better still, what is the desired level of each metric that defines ‘awesome?’ Perhaps reaching 100 subscribers, or having 10 comments per post, or posting one article daily will ultimately define having an ‘awesome’ blog, and thus defining my success. (Easy y’all, this is just an example! LOL)

We don’t always have to perform high-level analytics to define success. But the point is, be clear about what you consider ‘successful.’ If you don’t define it, you will forever strive to reach a non-existant, and thus unattainable goal. And as I stated in the podcast, if you set a goal and you are unable to reach it, don’t be discouraged and write it off as a failure, just look at it as a new challenge to face. (See my recent post on Challenges!)

How do you define success?

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