Back to School

It’s that time of year, when the kiddies prepare to go back to school. Moms and Dads run frantically down school supply aisles at the local big-box stores, shopping lists in hand. I read an interesting article this morning from blogger Mocha Dad entitled, “5 Ways to Avoid Back to School Headaches.” I was thankful for these wonderful tips, a few of which I had already been practicing.

I have done all the shopping – uniforms, gear, supplies, lunch preparations. My children are ready and anxious for their first day of school. But there’s one problem. I’m not ready! I cannot believe the summer is over. I am not ready to see my little prince get on his first school bus or see him traveling the halls of a big, new school. I’m not ready! I’m not ready to see my little princess in her first school uniform, tackling the rigorous kindergarten homework her brother faced just two years ago. I’m not ready to prepare for her graduation in June, and then move to her brother’s big school this time next year. As always, I’m so concerned with how my children will fare in a situation, I forget to think about dealing with it myself!

True, I don’t have much of a choice, but I had to face this reality and work with it. I’m not ready, but I’m getting ready. By Wednesday afternoon, I’ll be back in Momma-mode!


Commencement Day

Today I “graduate” from the 31WriteNow Challenge! And just as an educational commencement exercise symbolizes the end of academic pursuit, but the beginning of a new chapter, so does today represent both an end and a new beginning.

After two straight months of daily challenges, first with July’s AudioMo daily audio challenge in July, and then August’s 31WriteNow Challenge, I am pleased to make the following announcement:

Introducing my new blog, my new baby – Liner Notes Lounge ( The Lounge, is a place where music is explored and celebrated. Look for music spotlights, and more audio conversations with independent artists. I have decided to splinter off the Music Notes section of This and That With Calandra and create a site dedicated solely to music, one of my many passions.

So please go check it out. Here’s what you’ll find on the menu:

Liner Notes – general articles related to all genres of music

Mic One: Calandra Speaks – music-related podcasts

Mic Two: Artist Conversations – interviews with various independent artists

The Listening Suite – a regular review of the music I’m currently listening to

The Lyrics Spot – interpretations of some of my favorite lyrics

So, “…grab your favorite music, have a seat on the floor, get comfy and let’s go…” Welcome to the Lounge!