Addicted to Music?

This music lover is “addicted” to music. From the blog, “Celebrity Dolls and Guys”

Celebrity Dolls and Guys

Although not a common question–it exists.  Sure, we all know about drug and alcohol addiction but we don’t focus on musical addiction.  Seems so harmless.  But, did you know it is absolutely possible to become addicted to music.  When you dance, when you cry to a song, when you close your eyes and allow music to envelop you—you are releasing oxytocin and dopamine.  2 hormones associated with elation and feeling good.  It took me a very long time to understand that I in fact have an addiction to music.  I don’t need to ‘blast’ my favorite tunes either, I just need to hear what I consider “touching” and I get lost in the melody and lyrics.  One artist that comes to mind is Chaka Khan.  It’s not just the music she sings to but it’s her “hooks” and her voice is unique–some say a scream; but she is not screaming…

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How I Overcame Bullies How It Changed My Life Forever For The Better

Great post on bullying from fellow blogger Talin Orfali!


Hello Everyone, due to popular demand and many people asking me about my previous posts on bullies and how people bullied me a lot, and how I overcame those hardships in my life, what I did to stay afloat in life, what measures I took to look past those bullies and make a positive and optimistic life for myself with happiness and joy all around me after many years of suffering this terrible ordeal I had to face when I was going to elementary and high school. Today, I am going to talk to you about all that, about what changes I made to get past the pain I had to endure when I was a child and a teenager. My readers questions mean the world to me, and I will do my best to answer each one of them as fast as I can, but today I thought I…

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Afrobella’s Essential Lipstick Collections For Women of Color

Violetta Lipstick

Violetta Lipstick (Photo credit: Paeonia*)

A few weeks ago I was in Florida, without computer access, and running my iPhone without Wi-Fi (oh the horror!), so I wasn’t able to post this article here on This and That With Calandra. All I could do was share it on our Facebook page. My favorite beauty blogger, the “Godmother of brown beauty bloggers,” Afrobella, along with Makeup Artist Nicole Evans, highlighted the “25 Best MAC Lipsticks For Women of Color.” It is an article worth saving, sharing, printing, and carrying in your purse for your next trip to the MAC counter!

And then Afrobella came through for us again, posting “30 Essential Lipsticks for Women of Color – Drugstore Edition.” Both articles divide the shades by color family – purples, pinks, nudes, etc. Like the MAC article, it is definitely worth saving, sharing, printing and carrying in your purse for your next trip to your favorite drugstore! ♥

Which colors will you try? Let us know!

This and That This Week: MortarNBrique

ImageGood morning Team “This and That With Calandra”!!! Happy April! Welcome Spring!

I am excited to announce my newest project…Beginning TODAY, April 2, 2012, I am honored to be part of the MortarNBrique team! MortarNBrique, a wonderful blog co-founded by powerhouses Tonya Giddens and Jill Monroe, is “a collective group of experiences, telling our individual stories to a listening audience.” I will be contributing a weekly column entitled, “The Mommie in Me.” I am SO excited about this challenging assignment.

Please check out my first post HERE and don’t forget to subscribe to MortarNBrique! And thanks to all the supporters of This and That With Calandra. Without This and That, there would have been no Mommie in Me! I am ever grateful for such wonderful opportunities to write and share.

Smooches, Y’all!!