A Mother’s Love

IMG_0167Today I celebrate my firstborn child’s birthday. Seven years ago today, after 19 hours of an uncomfortable labor (not painful, just uncomfortable), Isidoa Branch III came into the world. I had waited so long to become a mother, and I was not about to mess this up! I spent the first several weeks feverishly recording his feeding and sleep patterns, trying to establish a schedule for both. To this day, I still have the little blue notebook filled with the notes and scribblings of a frantic mother. But in all my concern, I did manage to enjoy every minute with this new little life that had been entrusted to me.

Today he is an enthusiastic, sensitive and intelligent young man with a big heart. He is my little protector and comedian – always ready to make his Momma laugh and smile. I wanted to share these two pieces with you that echo my feelings as a mother. The first is an article I read from a local New Jersey newsletter. The second shows how the love and support of a mother helped this young man get through a difficult situation. I was impressed by her calm demeanor and obvious pride in her son.

Happy Birthday Izzy – Momma loves you!!

Article: From a Mother to Her Son, on Mother’s Day

Video showing a mother’s love!

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AudioMo #7: Celebrate!

Mr. Ronald Gibbs, 60 years young!

Mr. Ronald Gibbs, 60 years young!

Today’s AudioMo topic is Celebrate! Today we celebrated our church musician’s 60th birthday with a beautiful soirée after church – and he planned it all! Sometimes you have to be good to YOURSELF. Happy birthday Bro. Gibbs!!

Listen in…Background music is I:Cube’s Adore.