Quick Beauty Tips: Applying Liquid/Cream Foundation

Makeup_wedgesI was watching a makeup application video and cringed a little when I saw a young lady use a foam sponge to apply her cream foundation. I stopped using foam sponges a few years ago, mainly because I started using brushes for everything. But recently, I learned that you actually waste product when you use those cute little white wedges. The foam soaks up liquid and cream foundations (after all, they are ‘sponges’!) So much of what you pick up on the sponge will stay on the sponge, and less will end up on your face. What the wedges are better for is correcting makeup mistakes – think about it, if they soak up all your makeup, wouldn’t it make sense to use it to clean up edges and make corrections? To apply foundation evenly, you should use a synthetic brush, similar to one pictured below.

Synthetic Foundation Brush from Motives for LaLa Cosmetics

Synthetic Foundation Brush from Motives for LaLa Cosmetics


Quick Beauty Tips: Easy Every Day Smoky Eye

L'Oreal HIP Color Truth Creme Liner in BrownThis is a great work-friendly, daytime smoky eye from Simonne Devon. Last year, I created my own “lazy” neutral look for days when I didn’t feel like choosing colors, blending, etc. I simply used concealer, foundation and/or bronzer, eyeliner and mascara. On my lids, I used L’Oreal HIP Color Truth Eyeliner in Brown, which is very close to my complexion.

When I watched Simonne’s tutorial, I decided to incorporate her look into mine, by using the creme liner as a base, and then adding the same lid colors she used. Needless to say, I wore this look to work three times this week! Enjoy Simonne’s video below, and let me know if you decide to try the look!

Afrobella’s Essential Lipstick Collections For Women of Color

Violetta Lipstick

Violetta Lipstick (Photo credit: Paeonia*)

A few weeks ago I was in Florida, without computer access, and running my iPhone without Wi-Fi (oh the horror!), so I wasn’t able to post this article here on This and That With Calandra. All I could do was share it on our Facebook page. My favorite beauty blogger, the “Godmother of brown beauty bloggers,” Afrobella, along with Makeup Artist Nicole Evans, highlighted the “25 Best MAC Lipsticks For Women of Color.” It is an article worth saving, sharing, printing, and carrying in your purse for your next trip to the MAC counter!

And then Afrobella came through for us again, posting “30 Essential Lipsticks for Women of Color – Drugstore Edition.” Both articles divide the shades by color family – purples, pinks, nudes, etc. Like the MAC article, it is definitely worth saving, sharing, printing and carrying in your purse for your next trip to your favorite drugstore! ♥

Which colors will you try? Let us know!

Quick Beauty Tips: Bright Lips

For my fellow ladies of color, especially those with darker skin tones, don’t be afraid to rock a bright lip, like MAC’s best red, Ruby Woo, or funky pink Candy Yum-Yum, also from MAC. Just pair each of them with a darker lip liner, blend the liner well and then apply the color. Here are two marvelous ladies who can show you how to achieve the look! Which one(s) will you dare to wear?

Jackie O from Makeup Game on Point rocks Ruby Woo!

Now watch Noelle Marriie show us how to wear Candy Yum Yum!

Cocktails & Class

Cocktails & Class2

I am fortunate to have teamed up with two of the most industrious ladies I know. My best friend of over 25 years and I formed SGF Events in November 2011, hosting beauty events and themed makeup parties. Through mutual connections on Facebook, I met Ginger Jones, creator of Make Beauty Your Business. Together, the three of us hosted our first joint beauty event this past September in Laurel, Maryland – Cocktails & Class. Ladies from the local area came for cocktails, refreshments and MAKEUP!! We were able to help some who had never been much for makeup become comfortable with color selection and application. It was a BLAST! Vendors from Traci Lynn Jewelry and Thickness Tees rounded out the afternoon with great products for sale.

Cocktails & Class II: The Holiday Edition is scheduled for Saturday December 15, 2012. We’re coming back to Laurel to help the ladies with their holiday glam. We’ve also got products for the fellas, as well as a host of vendors to help the ladies and gents finish off their Christmas shopping! We welcome vendors from Thickness Tees (my FAVE t-shirts), Traci Lynn Jewelry, Grace Adele handbags, Scentsy, Tastefully Yours, and our sponsor Motives Cosmetics. So join us on the 15th if you are in the Maryland area, and invite your friends and family to join you there. Click HERE for more information, or email us at sgfevents@gmail.com.