Quick Beauty Tips: Layering

Ladies, we put more than a few products on our face each morning – moisturizer, primer, concealer, foundation, etc. Here’s a quick tip to keep all those products from just caking up on your face and leaving you looking like a hot country mess by the middle of the day. Put on your moisturizer while your face is still a bit damp from cleansing – it helps the moisture lock into your skin and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. (See my previous beauty tip on applying moisturizer HERE). Let the moisturizer soak into your skin while you are getting ready for the day. As you put on your primer, concealer and foundation, leave a little time between each application to allow the product to set on your skin. This will keep all the products from congealing on each other and leaving a “mask” on your face.


Quick Beauty Tips: Moisturizer

Quick beauty tip: When applying moisturizer, be kind to your skin and gently massage the product into your face, neck and décolletage. Use upward strokes to avoid pulling the skin down (gravity will do that over time!) An even better practice – gently “press” the moisturizer into your face – it will allow the product to soak deeply into your skin. (Gents – this is for you too!)