Quick Beauty Tips: Don’t Give up on Your Lipstick!

Parallels and price of beauty

Parallels and price of beauty (Photo credit: Swamibu)

Ladies, have you ever gotten tired of a particular shade of lipstick? Well don’t toss it just yet – give it a new look! 

Here’s today’s quick beauty tip: Try pairing your lipstick with a different shade of lip liner. You would be surprised how a different color lip liner can change the look of the lipstick.

A perfect example is bright red. Normally, you might use a red liner – a color similar to the lipstick shade. It will give you a bright and vibrant red. But use the same lipstick after applying and blending in a brown lip pencil – immediately that red will tone down and, if blended properly, will give you what looks like a totally different shade of lipstick.

Try it and tell us how you did!


Quick Beauty Tips: Eyeshadow Primer Substitute

MAC paint pot Bare Study

MAC paint pot Bare Study (Photo credit: 20augustus)

When I first started wearing makeup, I dismissed the use of any eyelid primers. Like concealer, I thought it was an extra, unnecessary step. But I soon learned that if you want your eyeshadow to last, or the colors to really stand out, an appropriate eyelid primer and/or base is crucial to sustaining your eye look for the day.

This brings me to today’s post. I stayed away from home overnight, and in my hasty packing, I left my favorite eyelid primer at home (MAC paint pot in Groundwork). Certainly not catastrophic, but I was concerned because I knew I would be having a long day today. I thought quick and wondered what I could do. What I used was not some MacGyver-type solution, but it’s a nice alternative if you find yourself in a pinch. Remembering that some women actually use concealer as a base, I lightly swept my MAC concealer over my eyelids, taking care not to use too much, as concealer tends to crease. To further avoid creasing, or caking up of the concealer, I swept a layer of MAC Mineralized Skin Finish (which I usually as a light pressed-powder foundation) on top, just to set it (also realizing this is the same technique I used to set the concealer in my under-eye area). Now that the canvas was ready, I painted away! We won’t discuss the fact that I had left my second set of shadows at home as well, and only had my highlight color (MAC’s Arena) and crease contour color (MAC’s Embark). But I put those two colors together and made a nice neutral look!

Just remember that here are no real hard and fast makeup rules, but like in cooking, if you know basic techniques and understand some of the ‘science,’ then you can come up with quick solutions to avoid makeup problems.

MAC Arena

MAC Arena


MAC Embark

Afrobella’s Essential Lipstick Collections For Women of Color

Violetta Lipstick

Violetta Lipstick (Photo credit: Paeonia*)

A few weeks ago I was in Florida, without computer access, and running my iPhone without Wi-Fi (oh the horror!), so I wasn’t able to post this article here on This and That With Calandra. All I could do was share it on our Facebook page. My favorite beauty blogger, the “Godmother of brown beauty bloggers,” Afrobella, along with Makeup Artist Nicole Evans, highlighted the “25 Best MAC Lipsticks For Women of Color.” It is an article worth saving, sharing, printing, and carrying in your purse for your next trip to the MAC counter!

And then Afrobella came through for us again, posting “30 Essential Lipsticks for Women of Color – Drugstore Edition.” Both articles divide the shades by color family – purples, pinks, nudes, etc. Like the MAC article, it is definitely worth saving, sharing, printing and carrying in your purse for your next trip to your favorite drugstore! ♥

Which colors will you try? Let us know!

This and That This Week: Subscription Box Services

Motives Palette

Have you ever signed up for a subscription box service? Basically they are monthly subscriptions for boxes filled with samples, and sometimes full-sized products. Subscriptions range from clothing to jewelry and accessories to makeup and haircare products. It’s a great service if you are looking to try-before-you-buy products. Last year, I subscribed to a new service that specialized in natural haircare products. For $20 each month, I received a nice box of at least 6 samples and 1-2 full-sized products. It was a great way to experience different hair products, without become a product junkie, buying full-sized products and being disappointed after their first use. I currently subscribe to Ipsy, where for $10 a month, I receive a nice little cosmetics bag filled with 5 or 6 makeup goodies. Many of these services include coupons for the products, and some even have their own online stores where you can purchase the products as well.

There are tons of subscription services, with monthly fees ranging from $10 to $60 or more. Subscriptionboxes.com is a nice resource filled with user reviews of various services. I also found a nice blog with first-hand reviews, Must Have Boxes (musthaveboxes.com). Some services allow you to choose brands that you like, as they are trying to profile their customers to help build future box selections. The hair product service I used (Curlkit) often features new companies, which I think is cool, as I often like to support independent companies.

Be careful when choosing a subscription box service. Choose one that allows you to cancel at any time, so make sure you check their cancellation policy before signing up. There should not be any mandatory commitments. At most, you may have to pay for the next month’s box, depending on the timing of their billing cycle. If after a few months, you find that you are only interested in one or two selections from each box, then I would consider cancelling. What to do with the unused products? Give them away to your friends, or if you are a YouTuber or blogger, save a bunch of them for a contest prize box. It’s not that the products are not good, they just might not be your color, style, etc.

Tell us your experience with subscription boxes!

Cocktails & Class

Cocktails & Class2

I am fortunate to have teamed up with two of the most industrious ladies I know. My best friend of over 25 years and I formed SGF Events in November 2011, hosting beauty events and themed makeup parties. Through mutual connections on Facebook, I met Ginger Jones, creator of Make Beauty Your Business. Together, the three of us hosted our first joint beauty event this past September in Laurel, Maryland – Cocktails & Class. Ladies from the local area came for cocktails, refreshments and MAKEUP!! We were able to help some who had never been much for makeup become comfortable with color selection and application. It was a BLAST! Vendors from Traci Lynn Jewelry and Thickness Tees rounded out the afternoon with great products for sale.

Cocktails & Class II: The Holiday Edition is scheduled for Saturday December 15, 2012. We’re coming back to Laurel to help the ladies with their holiday glam. We’ve also got products for the fellas, as well as a host of vendors to help the ladies and gents finish off their Christmas shopping! We welcome vendors from Thickness Tees (my FAVE t-shirts), Traci Lynn Jewelry, Grace Adele handbags, Scentsy, Tastefully Yours, and our sponsor Motives Cosmetics. So join us on the 15th if you are in the Maryland area, and invite your friends and family to join you there. Click HERE for more information, or email us at sgfevents@gmail.com.